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July 4th, 2010, 03:10 PM   #11
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Re: dual sport ride fuel milage

Originally Posted by DaleEO
Codemonkey, when you top your bike off, do it on a center stand, fill it all the way up, put on the cap, and rock the bike front to back a few times and remove the cap and you will see that you have burped the air pocket out that is located where the cross over tube is for the sub frame truss. Remember too that the tank really wedding cakes towards the top and is visually deceiving.
I fill the tank at the gas station with myself on the bike so it is upright. I then rock the bike back and forth - I know the drill, I do it with my Ducati.

Sub frame fuel tank production is at 14 units per day starting Monday, so get your orders in and quit worrying about mpg and just ride!! At the minimum you should be able to get 90 miles out of a 570 at 30mpg.
I am working on getting a job so I don't have to dig into my savings to be able to buy tanks and other farkles - until then I keep those expenditures to a minimum.
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July 12th, 2010, 04:33 PM   #12
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Re: dual sport ride fuel milage


Im Aussie so we don't use gallons, or milage.

I own a 09' Berg 570 with 11200klms on the engine or 220+hrs.

I am interested in this fuel consumption business as I have never really cared about mine until now. You guys state that at worst state scenario I can get 90 miles on a standard tank. How many klms is that, about 150?.

I recently finished a 6 day ride to Cape Flattery from Cairns, QLD, Aust and had no drama's with fuel consumption. I was riding with a band of 7 motley riders with manely DRZ400's with standard tanks up front and a 5 litre reserve tank strapped to the rear fender. I was riding with Roy from Cape York Motorcycle Adventures, as such, he was on his 08' KTM 530 with an 16L aftermarket safari tank.

My Berg was brilliant. I only needed to top up from my 5 reserve once, on the fartherest stretch, which was amazing considering some of the DRZ's were running out. I did excercise throttle control on the beach though.

We covered about 850klms over the six days, however, the stretch from cooktown to Cape Flattery was much longer than the previous days ride stops between servo's (probably about 200klms). I dont know exactly how much longer we rode but I was stretching my fuel and eventually ran out, and topped up with my reserve that Roy loaned me for the ride. And I was on my way home too, when I ran out. Roy and I were predicting that my berg would have ran out of fuel some time before we arrived at our destination and would need the reserves then. The 570 proved to be a miser compared to the two KTM 530's.

My question is: what is the expected klm i can actually achieve on the standard 8.5L - berg 570 09' 13/53 gearing std tyre size and knobbies. Tropical climate.
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July 13th, 2010, 02:36 AM   #13
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Re: dual sport ride fuel milage

Doesn't answer your question directly as the circumstances are different, but to give you an idea: 2010 FE450, knobbies, standard gearing, 40% road 60% trails, riding gently due to slow riders in the group and I'm still restricted to 75% throttle, warm dry UK conditions (28C), standard ignition map, it did 52 miles on 4.2L, which if my calculations where right is just over 100 miles on a tank, i.e. about 160km.

Next time out we did the same trip at a faster pace (no slow riders in the group) on only 3.5L so either the engine is still freeing up or it prefers to go faster! That would mean something like 120 miles or 190km on a tank. I certainly wouldn't rely on getting that much as it seems to be more than most people report and it may vary, but so far it's better than I was expecting (it used less fuel than any of the other bikes in the group, though most of them were quite old bikes with carbs).

Your 570 will presumably use a little more juice than the 450?
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July 14th, 2010, 05:15 PM   #14
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Re: dual sport ride fuel milage

I always see great fuel millage numbers being posted here and other locations.My experience with my 390 off road taking it very easy for the purpose of getting fuel range readings my reserve light comes on at 40-45 miles.Somewhat disappointing as I need turn around and head back to the truck after 20-25 miles. I know the sub tank will help but that's still an issue for me,60 or 65 would be expected or am I overly optimistic?What are some of your off road mpg's?
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