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mattinaustralia April 30th, 2007 02:47 AM

Starter Motors... Again!
My 03fe400 used to start ok when I got it, now I can only get it going with the kickstart, I've checked the startermotor inside and out and its fine, I replaced the battery and checked all of the leads and there's nothing wrong with them either. When I pull the deco lever it winds its head off but let go and the whole plot comes to a stop. Can anyone tell me does the deco system have to do something when using the electric leg or not, cheers matt

fe600racer April 30th, 2007 02:57 AM

most of the time it is the sprag clutch. A braclet typt thing that spins the motor over. If you use the electric start for cold starts they were out and the motor does not turn over. It has enough power to do it when the decompression is pulled in. If the auto decompression is worn by the lug not allowing the valve to open then the sprag has to work harder and wears out. the idea is the auto makes it easy and then when it starts the revs let the auto decompression off.

take note and see if the motor is turning over or the noise is the sprag clutch spinning. Remember all these metal shavings end up in the oil. That is why restart when hot is the way to go.

mattinaustralia April 30th, 2007 03:44 AM

OK, lets see the motor does turn over a few times before it gets too hard and gives up the gohst but with the deco lever pulled it turns over fine which led me to think the deco must have to come into play with the electric start as well as the kickstart, I can't see in the manual how this is meant to happen though, the auto deco works fine with the kickstart so I guess it,s adjusted corectly. cheers matt

Coastie April 30th, 2007 05:08 AM

No no no matti
There are 3 decomp systems. The manual, the auto and also 1 on the kickstart.
Slacken off the decomp cable going to kickstarter and give it a go....if auto isn't working you won't do that too many times.
If it turns over when manual decomp is in then the auto decomp and/or valves need to be adjusted.
Ideally you should have about 0.9mm valve lift when auto decomp is working as intended.
I found the easiest way to check this was to remove the top cover and measure the auto decomp lobe with verniers. This takes away the valve play error.If it's OK then do the valves and make sure you don't go too loose - I use the 1/8 turn method.
Then adjust your kickstart decomp cable play and then finally make sure the manual isn't too tight.
Leave off the spring while adjusting - you get better feel and closer adjustment.
I've got a 03 650 and was doing the same thing when I got it. Mine only has 0.8mm auto valve lift and when I adjust valves I only loosen them off 1/6 of a turn since the nut has 6 sides and it's easier to line up after several cans.
Therefore mine has less overall lift than spec but it turns over no worries and starts hot or cold.

Yes, I know I should only kick it when cold and sometimes I do to stay in practice but it's my button and I'll push it if I want!

risky1 April 30th, 2007 07:50 AM

check this thread...

mattinaustralia May 2nd, 2007 12:14 AM

Thanks for the tips guy's , it all makes good sense especially since I'm given to adjusting valves on the loose side , at least I know they shut that way. I just need to get into the shed for a night and get stuck into it, cheers matt

boris May 11th, 2007 03:05 PM

I've got a 03 501 and had similar problems , after getting on to these guys and trying a couple of different things it turned out that the auto decompressor that works on the camshaft had a broken spring and also was badly worn even though my bike has low hours on it , what you're saying sounds very similar to what I had going on. It's an easy fix if it's the problem ,and easy to check out just by removing the rocker cover. there is no adjustment on my 501 for the auto decompressor so it was a matter of fitting the new parts. - have a look in your workshop manual and you'll see.
Good Luck

loonyberg June 20th, 2007 11:33 AM

Yes I've got the same probs with the e-start on my 2002 FS650. I reset the valves at TDC, without the manual decomp return spring being connected, at the weekend as I first set them when I got the bike and due to inexperience they were on the loose side. I believe they are now okay. It kicks fine but the e-start struggles against the compression. It has a new uprated battery with Optimate 3. Cables to starter look okay but it doesn't seem to spin fast enough even with the manual decomp lever pulled in. There are no weird noises when the starter motor spins. Stator measurements conform with accepted values I've seen on the site.
I've yet to check the auto decomp lobe. I've seen some blurred photos on the site and I'm still not quite sure what I'm looking for in this area. I haven't any welding equipment so I suppose I should purchase a 2004 auto decomp?
So my next checks to do are,
1) remove the plug and see how fast the starter spins
2) check the auto decomp lobe

Any further suggestions gratefully considered

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