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JaredBolton July 9th, 2020 04:11 PM

2010 FE390 - Headlight/Taillight Not Working
Hey everyone,

Been reading through several posts similar to this but haven’t had much luck as this is a slightly different situation.

I have a 2010 FE390. I got an Acerbis VSL headlight (which is actually for newer model Husqvarnas) and while working to install it, somewhere along the way the headlight and tail light have both stopped working.

The VSL light is high beam only, so I connected the VSL’s black wire to the Husaberg’s brown wire from the headlight switch. And the VSL’s red wire to the Husaberg’s blue wire. This is how it’s supposed to work on the modern KTM and Husky’s, which do still have the same connector.

I got them wired together and checked it. The light worked great and would shut off and come back on properly using the switch on my handlebars. However, after I had secured the light to the bike and re-fired it, I’ve got no headlight and no tail light but the brake light works. Checked the fuses and those are all good.

Any suggestions?

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