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jon andersson September 10th, 2013 08:03 AM

ECU, map, dyno, tuning?

I have a 570 and it was delivered to me, as new, without restrictions and with the dealers own competition map in the ECU. As an enduro it is perfect, just as I like it. They have taken the curve and made it as linear and predictable as possible to not tire out the driver (just as you want it on a swedish gnarly muddy enduro track).

As I also have a supermoto setup for it I find the bike a little tame on the tarmac. For sure it shoots away, it is a 570 afterall, but I would like to play around and see if I can get more power out of it.
I am also planning a 590 kit in the future so I need to tune the map sooner or later anyway.

So what do you guys really know about this? I think I read most of the threads but I would like some more input.

I'm looking at purchasing a vortex ECU as that has 10 settings. My thought is this: when I put my bike on the dyno I can make up a few different maps for different constellations and uses.
When I drive on ice I use the stock muffler as I dont want the spikes to rip up my akra. When Im on tarmac I use the akra. It would also be nice to have a map that is good for fuel economy when I take it for longer drives.

My question is if it's beneficial/worth different maps, or if one good is enough for whatever use? Are the two mufflers worth their own maps or is it overkill? Is it possible to get a fuel economy that is so much better that it's worth its own map?

I heard about a guy in my country who claims that the OEM injection system overall is too limited so he has installed a Ducati system to get full control. That is also a thing I'm wondering about. What are the limitations on the system? If I buy an expensive vortex ECU, will I bump into limitations and not be able to really get 100% from a 590 kit (with bigger throttle body and exhaust)?

So is it so much better tuning your own maps (I like the idea as the geek I am) or is it just as good to get another ECU with a wilder map (I want to keep my current ECU untouched so I can plug it when I drive enduro).

Any input, thoughts, knowledge or experience you like to share regarding this?

tourist September 11th, 2013 01:31 AM

Re: ECU, map, dyno, tuning?
Great questions. I gave no answers unfortunately - except that it must be a ton of fun messing with mapping. And that your ideas sound completely reasonable from a computer hardware point of view.

I wonder what the minimum viable hardware layout to be able to adjust *everthing* is.

Re. the Ducati ECU - did he go for a Nemesis ECU or similar, or an OEM Ducati simply?

berglsmerg September 11th, 2013 02:07 AM

Re: ECU, map, dyno, tuning?
In my experience a big bore setup is fine running on the oem system, I increased the size of my throttle body and that in turn highlighted a need for a bigger cam to make the most of the other mods. I will be using a hotter cam to realise the full gains. The 610 needed minimal tuning to run right, the addition of a cam will most likely require some changes.

The vortex ecu looks very tempting, and would be comparable in cost to the user setting tool for the factory ecu, with ignition control and more utility than he ust.

jon andersson September 11th, 2013 04:08 AM

Re: ECU, map, dyno, tuning?
It's good to hear about your experience with bigger bore. What cam do you use? I heard that a KTM 530 cam is hotter, but when I looked it up online it has the same serial nr as the 570..

I would like to have a hotter map because of my "timid" enduro-map. It does however seem a bit overkill with 10 settings if you had no problem going from 570 to 610... If a change like that is alright I guess a muffler means nothing?
Then again, if the OEM tools are just as expensive I prefer the vortex.

@Anthon Berg (are you danish btw...?) I will have to ask more about the ducati system. That was my plan anyway as that can be a better and cheaper solution, and as I was told less restricted to tweak.

berglsmerg September 11th, 2013 02:05 PM

Re: ECU, map, dyno, tuning?
I'll be using a thumper racing spray welded and reprofiled cam, it offers more lift and duration.

romain September 12th, 2013 11:30 PM

Re: ECU, map, dyno, tuning?
Maybe you can look at Tune Ecu . I have the cable for ktm/husaberg and im going to test this program on my 450 fe 09.
With it you re-map your bike and it's free.....

tourist September 13th, 2013 02:52 AM

Re: ECU, map, dyno, tuning?

Originally Posted by romain
Maybe you can look at Tune Ecu . I have the cable for ktm/husaberg and im going to test this program on my 450 fe 09.
With it you re-map your bike and it's free.....

Interesting. Looked it up - Thanks for that.

I only saw KTM 690 / 990 etc. maps on the site - Have you found a Husaberg map anywhere already? I assume it's all the same ECU anyway so it ought to work, right?

-- edit - no, not danish :) I'm Icelandic actually ... we used to be a Danish colony, I find it amusing to have an online name after a danish chocolate in a nice silver wrapper - it's not my real name :) not the Anthon part either ... I've used it on various sites for a while - when I took it up, I had no idea I would be getting a 'Berg in the end :) fate is that way I guess :)

romain September 13th, 2013 10:11 AM

Re: ECU, map, dyno, tuning?
Im not test it for the moment because my bike not at home....but next week i try and i tell you what.
U can make a custom map but i really don't know how.... maybe ktm map are more easy to find.

jon andersson September 13th, 2013 11:40 AM

Re: ECU, map, dyno, tuning?
Looking forward to see what you manage to do! Seems like a price worthy solution. Lets hope it works.
If it do work I don't have to buy another ECU, IF one can save the map that is already in the ECU for future re-use..

@berglsmerg; so one has to send in the OEM cam for it to be tuned? Do you know about any tuned cams suitable for a 570? I would like to keep the OEM intact.

berglsmerg September 13th, 2013 05:43 PM

Re: ECU, map, dyno, tuning?
Yes that is correct the cam needs to be sent away or you can pay the core charge and have the 'tuned' can sent directly to you whit no exchange. To be honest I haven't seen a lot of aftermarket options, but being the same cam as a KTM 530 maybe there are options there.

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