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synesthesia570 November 15th, 2012 11:16 AM

2010 FS570 speedometer "O" key button intermittent problem
has anyone else had the problem with the "O" key button on the digital speedo, my button has to be pressed very hard and on different angles to get it to work, it drives me mad, sometimes it just doesn't work at all.

i use trip 1 is for keeping an eye on fuel and trip 2 keeps an eye out on my 1000km oil changes.

i opened it up a while ago to reveal it has one of those little micro switches under the rubber button outer.

to avoid replacing the whole speedo on account of just one micro switch, i think i will remove the switch from the circuit board and see if i can pick up a replacement part at jaycar today. pretty sure its a momentary switch.

i will solder the new switch back in and let you now how i go.

Bluto November 24th, 2012 01:09 PM

Re: 2010 FS570 speedometer "O" key button intermittent probl
I had the same problem.I had 2 microswitches oxidizes,and didn't work at all.
I opened them,by removing the 4 tiny plastic blobs that hold the metal cover of the black pushbutton.
I scraped,melted the blobs with a small heated screwdriver and opened the metal cover with a surgical knife.
You now can remove the brass switch with some tweezer,or a surgical knife.
Then you can clean the switch,and remove oxidized stuff with a (very)small screwdriver or knife.
To replace the cover,you can use some superglue.Be carefull,to much and your button won't work!
It's doable,but quit difficult because it's all quit small.
Just give it a try.

TLtrials November 24th, 2012 05:39 PM

Re: 2010 FS570 speedometer "O" key button intermittent probl
I had the trouble too on my 09 FE450, actually all 3 had quit working.

I took the small battery out, then blasted the micro switches with electronic/contact spray cleaner while working the switches back and forth. Done this a few times, testing back with the battery back in, until they started working properly. Then added a light coat of dielectric grease to the outer shell of the micro switches. Assembled the battery and main cover and screw holes with a coating of dielectric grease. This seems to have fixed mine for the time being.

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