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August 1st, 2012, 12:01 PM   #1
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Fuel pump wiring

Hi all. Looking for some advice on wiring issues (2010 FE450). I've just had the dreaded dead fuel pump failure, and it was definitely the pump as there was power to the plug but it wouldn't run when hot until it cooled down again. The pump has just been replaced and it was fine for the first ride, but when I went to start it another day I got the silent fuel pump treatment again.

This time, there was no power at the plug when I first checked it. Later when I tried again there was about 6V off load (the battery is fine at about 13v), then with a bulb across the pins the voltage would drop virtually to zero and the bulb would only be on very dimly if at all. Tracing this back, it was fine on the white-red wires where they leave the 4-pin plug on the starter relay (full voltage and would light the bulb normally), but not when it got to the fuse box on fuse 2 (back to almost no volts and no light). The resistance between those points measured about 5 ohms at one point and later about 20 ohms, so obviously a bad connection somewhere.

So the problem is between those two places, which on the face of it looks simple as they're only a couple of inches apart! But of course the white-red wires go down into the loom and go to various other places as well as coming back up to fuse 2. I've removed the sub-frame tank and had a look at the wiring around the shock and can't see any obvious damage, also I've tested again and it's now reading completely open circuit between the fuse holder and the starter relay plug, so I've obviously disturbed it while moving things about.

Thing is, no matter what I move I can't get any connection at all now, so it's hard to know where the problem is. I was hoping to bend or pull some part of the loom and get it coming and going, but no luck. So what I'm wondering is, does anyone know how far down the loom the white-red wiring coming down from the starter relay turns around and comes back up to the fuse box? That would give me some idea where to look and how far I might have to open up the loom.

The other thing is that the same wires also go to the power relay and the regulator, and I don't know at the moment whether the problem is before or after it splits off to the fuse box. If it was after that I could just run a new wire straight from the plug to the fuse box, but if it's before that then the regulator and power relay won't get full power (if any) either, which wouldn't be a good thing.

It would be useful to check resistance to those two items but a) I can't see where the plug is for the regulator to join the loom as the wires from the regulator seem to disappear under the tank (which I haven't taken off... yet), and b) I have no idea where the power relay is. Any hints on either? If I can get to those plugs and test the circuits it might help point to where the problem is in the loom.

Any thoughts gratefully accepted!
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August 2nd, 2012, 07:56 AM   #2
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Re: Fuel pump wiring

Not to worry. In the end I just ripped the loom apart until I found the point where the four white-red wires are joined, or at least should be. It's just before the loom disappears past the frame post and under the main tank above the engine - another couple of inches and it would have been much more difficult to get at.

The wires are joined by what looks like either half a butt splice or the crimp part of a spade connector without the spade, then covered in a closed-end bit of heatshrink tube. When I cut off the tube, two of the wires just fell out loose as they'd broken off just before the crimp. The whole thing was badly corroded which no doubt hadn't helped.

Luckily there was enough spare on the wires to cut them back and redo the whole joint from scratch so it's all nice and clean. The loom's now back together so I just need to finish refitting the subframe tank etc, and connecting everything back up. Then I'll no doubt find that something else in the loom broke now it's been disturbed again.

Had a good look around while I was there and couldn't see any sign of chafing or other damage to the loom, not even around the shock where i've seen it mentioned before.
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August 2nd, 2012, 04:15 PM   #3
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Re: Fuel pump wiring

Good deal. Good to know too! You're not the first to find broken wires on these new machines but I appreciate the descriptions.
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November 15th, 2017, 12:22 AM   #4
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I had problems with my fuelpump only getting 6v and did this exact procedure.
Now i get 10v and fuelpump primes.
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