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dave66 June 27th, 2012 02:00 AM

1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement
I have a 1999 FE501. The Coil & Stator have just been replaced. It is now relatively easy to bump start but it is near impossible to kickstart. The Coil is a Genuine Husaberg Coil p/no: H25021602. The statour is a Electrex World Stator p/no: ST5500L. I had the same parts replaced about 2008 and it very easy to start. I do not know the make or part no's used that time. Looking for any advice, ideas or tecnical tips.

zaga June 27th, 2012 07:56 AM

Re: 1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement
Hi and welcome

What do you mean impossible to kickstart it ?? It doesn't start or the kick is very hard to turn ?

When you kick it do you have a spark ?

What are the values of the stator red/black and green/black (in Ohms) ?


zaga June 27th, 2012 08:05 AM

Re: 1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement

You first check your stator values, but I'm sorry to say, I think you got the wrong stator ????

I've checked on the web site of electrex and I think you should have bought the 5410 L model.
The one that you have is until 98. 99 is second husaberg generation.

Sorry mate :(


dave66 June 29th, 2012 12:05 AM

Re: 1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement
Thanks for that.
I have owned this bike since new. Still goes really well. Only 7000ks. Brickie by trade so have always paid for woork done on it. Have receipts-bearings,cam & camshaft, chain & sprockets + more. Only want to sell now as done less than 200ks last 3-4 years. So bike shop has put this statour in. Do not know ohms etc. Kicks over easily, still good compression. Shop said was spark when kicked but after kicking alot myself does not sound like starting.
As I told them I have owned 12years and always started normally-3 to 5 kicks.
Can I prove wrong stator? What was web address for Electrex?
Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

zaga July 3rd, 2012 12:59 AM

Re: 1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement

There were 2 SEM stators on HUSABERG: the first went from 89 to 98 and the second from 99 to 2003.

So your bike was the first with the second generation. On the first one you couldn't see the stator because it was bolted to the engine and the flywheel would cover it, then on your they bolted the stator to the cover.

On the first your values should be:
RED/BLACK - 1750 Ohms +/- 10%
GREEN/BLACK - 23 Ohms +/- 10%

On the second, your values should be:
RED/BLACK - 3000 Ohms +/- 10%
GREEN/BLACK - 165 Ohms +/- 10%

I don't think you should need to prove any thing, the shop that you go with your bike, they are the one that should know what they are doing !!

The electrex adress ... PR=-1&TB=A

If need any help, just ring

dave66 July 3rd, 2012 01:10 AM

Re: 1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement
All that is great thankyou.
Am Waiting for reply from elecrex & will then put to bike shop.
Thanks again

dave66 July 5th, 2012 01:51 AM

Re: 1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement
Hi again,
Have received e-mail from Electrex and they have confirmed the wrong stator was fitted.
Ant ideas as to were i can check if the coil is also the correct one.
They have installed an original Husaberg Coil part no: H250 21602 500/600 FE/FC.
Whenever i google Husaberg i just store locations.
Cheers Dave

zaga July 5th, 2012 05:27 AM

Re: 1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement
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From the 99 parts manual you have:
250 216-01 - Ignition Coil 400 FE/FC 99-
250 216-02 - Ignition Coil 500/66 FE/FC 99-
250 217-01 - Ignition Coil 400 FEE 99-
250 217-01 - Ignition Coil 500/600 99-

As you can see there must be something a bit wrong here with this ref., but if you get a newer one, better.
From what you are telling yours must be right.
This type of ignition goes until 2003 wich are the best of them.

The CDI should look like this:


zaga July 5th, 2012 05:35 AM

Re: 1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement
If you whant, to avoid future problems, send me your mail and I will send you the 99 parts manual and owners manual.


dave66 July 5th, 2012 02:09 PM

Re: 1999 FE501 Stator & Coil Replacement
You have been a wealth of knowledge .
Would still be stuck with a busted bike and no ideas.
My e-mail is-
Those mauals would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Dave

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