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November 23rd, 2010, 07:37 PM   #1
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battery or electrical problem?

Ok my initial introduction to Husaberg is not going well. I love the bike but I have a nagging problem from day 1 and I am only about two weeks in on this bike.

I start with a fully charged battery. The bike fires no problem warm or cold. I leave the bike sit for 20 hours or so and the bike still fires no problem and the battery reads about 12.3 volts or so before starting. However if I leave the bike for 24 plus hours or so the battery drops below 12 Volts and barely turns over or I just get a click. I have done tons of measurements. Battery at rest is around 12.3 - 12.5. The battery after a good hard ride measures 13 + Volts. Battery while running = 13.5+ Volts. So the bottom line is that I know the battery is charging well and can fire the bike. The problem comes after 24 hours or so the voltage on the battery is below 12 (11.85 Volts or so) and it will not fire the bike. This cannot be normal????

Seems odd that the bike will not fire with less than 12 volts right? I mean 11+ volts should still start the bike should it not?

Is the battery drain level normal? If not what might be causing this? The only thing I have done to the bike electrical wise is add an LED light. The light runs off the battery along with the tail light and has a switch wired in. I have checked and the light runs fine and the battery charges perfect with the light on. LED light only draws 38 watts. Switch works fine and all is grounded to the frame.

Please help with ideas. Bike is a 2009 FE 570. I should add that I already tried a new battery and the exact same behavior occurs. Thank you.
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November 24th, 2010, 04:15 AM   #2
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Re: battery or electrical problem?

Interesting one this!!

Firstly - please add your location to your signature - It does help.

Secondly - this kind of post seems common with the older bikes - battery does need to be in really top shape to have the grunt to turn over the crank.

Now the LDC's are getting on a bit & becoming 2nd hand it's very interesting to see how they fair as for me, an enduro bike with no kick start is maddness. What happenes if your in the wilderness up to your neck in sh#t and your battery goes.

Anyway, I'm sure some of the technical faces will respond shortly (Taffy - Daleo - Cyfer etc). love to help but I'm a mechanical knob.
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November 24th, 2010, 09:03 AM   #3
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Re: battery or electrical problem?


To me it sounds normal that the bike will not fire with voltge below 12. At that voltage the battery only contains 20 pct of its capacity, or so...
So you must have a drain, you can find out by inserting an amp-meter in the positive from the battery. Disconnect the positive, and insert the ampmeter in series. Now you can measure your drain, just dont hit the startbutton..... this will make your amp-meter go pufff.....

So check if you have a drain,..... finding where it is, is another story.

Anders, DK
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November 24th, 2010, 10:15 PM   #4
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Re: battery or electrical problem?

I wrote a post on measuring Current (Amps)

You can also measure for Battery drain when the bike is off by taking out the 20Amp Yellow Fuse in the Starter Relay and putting the Multimeter switched to Amps across the 2 pins in the Fuse Socket. I checked my FE570 and it has zero Amps drawn when Switched off.
You will see 2 x Yellow 20Amp Fuses in the Starter Relay and the one closest to the top of the bike is just a spare. You need to check for current draw across the bottom yellow 20Amp Fuse.
If you see any current draw, track it down by pulling out each of the 4 x 10Amp Red Fuses in the Fuse box. That will lead you to where the current leakage is.

Let us know how you get on?

Are you sure the Batter Terminals are tight? I have seen a few people post with loose terminals.
If there is Zero current draw after you test with a Multimeter, it must be just a dead battery. Some batteries show a float charge that indicates the battery is OK but cells can be damaged in the battery and it just wont supply enough current to turn the starter.
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